Initial air cycle :

             During the initial air cycle your filter is loaded into the appropriate machine to extract the buildup of soot and ash that has collected in your filter and with the use of high pressure compressed air and high pressure vacuum. This process can take as long as 90 minutes and is regulated by the amount of soot the filter collected when it was in use in your vehicle. When all of the soot is extracted the process is ready for the next step. The filter is now checked on the flowbench and weighed to check the progress of the cleaning.

Final air cycle :

                  The final air cycle requires us to put the filter into the appropriate machine to extract with the use of compressed air and high pressure vacuum the incinerated soot which is now a harmless ash . We also at this point of the cleaning perform a flowbench test to see the flow through the filter and weigh the filter . These readings are then compared to the readings of a new filter and that of the original manufacturers specifications.

What we do to your filter :


Final :

              Some Diesel Particulate filters according to the specific manufacturers specifications require the use of a second thermal cycle and a third air cycle . We are familiar with all of these specifications as well as the manufacturers that require different procedures for the cleaning of their filters. Any readings taken during the cleaning of your filter are yours to keep and will be provided to you in an e-mail or hard copy through the mail. When the filter is finished it will last as long as it did when it was initially installed in your vehicle. The filter will have its own serial number on it matching the paperwork along with the date of cleaning engraved on an area clearly visible .

Check in:

               Includes the weighing of your filter to see how much soot it has collected , a flow bench test to evaluate how restricted the Diesel Particulate Filter is, and a serial number is assigned to track the filter through our facility which is used to collect information at the various stages of the process.

Thermal cycle :

            The thermal cycle is where we put your filter into a programmable oven and incinerate any  soot or engine oils that were not removed during the initial air cycle. This is a slow process and takes time to gradually heat the filter to the manufacturers specification of temperature and required soaking time to correctly clean the filter of any contamination. There is also required amount of time to gradually cool down the filter according to the original equipment manufacturers specifications.

Diesel Particulate Filter


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