Who We Work With

                We work with all of the major diesel particulate filter manufacturers to insure you are getting the most reliable cleaning that is available. We work with new car and truck dealers servicing diesel particulate filters for their used car inventory and with their service departments to help them service vehicles for their customers as well. We work with the major fleets that truck all types of products to everywhere you could imagine . We service shool bus fleets and delivery vehicles of all sizes. If the vehicle is a diesel and is manufactured starting in the year 2007 then it has a diesel particulate filter and we work on them.

About on our company

              We started cleaning catalysts  for the automotive industry in the early 90's in gasoline powered vehicles in an effort to save people money over the expense of buying a new one . When the Environmental Protection Agency instituted new regulations pertaining to pollution in the big cities around the country we began cleaning diesel particulate filters for the heavy duty bus and truck applications. Now with the changing regulations pertaining to all diesel powered vehicles we have moved to cleaning filters in those vehicles as well.

Filters we clean

           We clean diesel particulate filters for Mercedes , Ford , General Motors , Volvo , Peterbuilt , Dodge and Chrysler , Detroit Diesel , Mack , Cummins , School Buses , Boats , Heavy Duty Trucks and Construction Equipment , Refuse Trucks , Trucks that belong to your town , Everything that has a diesel motor for power.

why choose us ?   BECAUSE WE CAN GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME                                                                       "NO EXCUSES" 

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